Ricardo Cedeño Montaña | Berlin, Germany | 2013



Super 8 mm | 3:20 | no sound

In/móvil is a super 8mm film about mobility. Mobility is the capacity of a thing to move itself through a space either autonomously or assisted. The most complete forms of mobility are those of the living beings that moved themselves autonomously. In contrast, dead bodies only have the capacity of assisted movement. Complete immobility does not exist. In this movie there are two contrasts. In the first part of the movie we see a fish freely moving inside its fish tank. The fish is confined. We see a cemetery and the gravestone of the German philosopher Hegel. He is confined too. The fish is moving and Hegel is not. The beginning of the second part is marked by a train. Inside the train we find another fish. Although this fish is moving, it is dead. It is confined too. In the second part there are only assisted movements. The fished fish, the train, and the movie are all movements of dead bodies. Autonomy is diluted into assistance.